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 Network Radio Gateway® Rack Mount Systems

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Support and Enhance C2 Communications at Every Level

NRG is a solution that provides Voice over IP(VoIP)/Radio over IP(RoIP) conferencing, converging voice, MIL-STD 188/184 data, HPW data, and remote radio configuration/control capability into a single standalone network appliance. The system offers communications through such industry-standard protocols as H.323, SIP, and Multicast. NRG equipment is interoperable with WAVE, TOCNET, IPICS, Cisco Call Manager, Access Net, SIP phones, generic IP phones, and works with PDAs/cellular phones.



    The cornerstone of NRG technology was developed over a decade ago and has continued to evolve through Evolutionary Technology Insertions (ETIs), ensuring the system remains on the cutting-edge of technology. With more than 700 systems currently fielded it continues to be the key component that allows end users to seamlessly integrate into their existing communications systems. It has increased their communications capabilities and interoperability with other military and government agencies without increasing required manpower (Force Multiplier).


    NRG is the connecting hub for all protocols and it enables seamless mission communications across multiple VoIP/RoIP systems.


    This system incorporates elements of the software developed by The MITRE Corporation on behalf of the U.S. Government.​​


    Versatile Graphical User Interface (TWO VERSIONS):

    • FULL: Detailed version for administrators akin to using AOL Instant Messenger
    • LITE: Scaled down version of NRG that focuses on radio voice, intercom, and instant messaging communications
      •  Remote control, operation, and programming of supported radio
      • Text chat, text paging, and logging
    • Command and Control (C2) Monitoring:   
      • Single or multiple radio circuits across IP networks
      • Supports HPW, MIL-STD 188-184 (PDA-184) data technology, ViaSat V-mail, ViaSat ACP/IP  (E-mail gateway service)
    • Networking support for up to 12 radios
    • Supports up to 400 endpoints (any combination of users and radios)
    • Easily removable Solid-State Drive (SSD)
    • Combined radio, voice, and data cables to minimize cabling, size, weight, and cost
    • Fits in standard 1U 19" rack space
    • AC or DC power operation and low power consumption
    • Robust, self-monitoring, self-restoring network uses failover priority (automatic recovery)

    Key System Advantages

    Scalable – Configuration can include any combination of 4, 8, and 12 port systems to scale to the number of radios required in the system.

    Expandable – Choice of 4, 8, and 12 ports reduces unnecessary hardware costs for unneeded ports (4 and 8 port units can be upgraded).

    Rack Mount – Mounts in a standard depth 19" rack.


    • Standard Interface - Turns dissimilar radios into more uniform networked resources

    • Intercom/Conference - Allows cross communications between voice sources

    • Legacy Radio Support - Bridges legacy and proprietary radio data to more useable Internet Protocol (IP)

    • Scales Up - Multiple units can be combined to scale for larger installations

    • Robust - Fault tolerant and has auto-recovery capability

    • Saves Time - Easy to configure and maintain

    • Cost-effective - Allows expensive radios to be shared by many users