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 Stress Reliefs™ for the CF-18 Panasonic Toughbook

The convertible Toughbook 18 is tough times two. It easily converts from a powerful notebook PC to a convenient tablet PC with one quick swivel. It's wireless and fully-rugged either way. The Parraid Stress ReliefTM provides the PC Card protection needed for a rugged laptop intended for heavy use in the field. The Stress Relief protects PCMCIA cards and their fragile connectors from damage during operation. The connections to PCMCIA cards become weak points in an otherwise rugged and durable computing system. Our Stress Relief removes this weakness by clamping onto the case of the computer, covering the PCMCIA cards and providing rugged connections to replace the vulnerable ones. Because the Stress Relief clamps to the computer case with no modifications necessary, the warranty is not voided and the computer system can be returned to its original configuration at any time.


  • MIL-STD-1553 Avionics Data Bus
  • RS-232/422 Serial Communications Bus
  • Data Acquisition
  • Video Capture
  • IEEE 1394 Fire Wire
  • IEEE 488
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • USB Hubs
  • ViaSAT VDC 400/600 Data Controllers
  • Tactical Modems
    • TacLink 3000
    • PCIDM
  • Integrated Power Converter - To power system from vehicle, aircraft, or battery
  • Wireless LAN PCMCIA Card Protection
    • SecNet 11
    • Cisco AirNet
    • 3G Broadband Wireless Modems


  • Protects laptop PCMCIA cards and dongle connections
  • Secures cable and prevents damage due to pulls, twists, and vibration
  • Protects exposed laptop PC card slots
  • Provides customer specified rugged connectors
    • Military or commercial configurations
  • Custom physical sizes
  • Simple installation and removal
    • No modifications necessary to laptop
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated power converter
    • Accepts a wide variety of input voltages
    • Both AC and DC power conversions available



      These configurations should be viewed as an example of the many solutions available. Please contact us for your specific needs.



      This Stress Relief protects the following:
      • PCIDM PCMCIA Card Protection
      • USB 2.0 Port
      • LAN


      This Stress Relief protects the following:
      • 18-36VDC Power Converter
      • Camera Mount
      • CAC Card PCMCIA Protection
      • Standard Laptop Power
      • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
      • LAN