​Smartronix provided engineering and technical services in support of the Global Combat Support System - Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) project. GCSS-MC introduced state-of-the-art technology for logistics modernization by providing integrated, Web-based, off-the-shelf applications that streamlined processes and provided accurate, near real-time life-cycle data. The resulting enterprise-wide visibility of data allows logistics planners and operators to make decisions about the logistics chain based on reliable, timely information.

    Parraid designed, produced, tested, and delivered integrated GCSS-MC suites to support the Government operational test and evaluation. The deployed systems were designed and documented in accordance with DoD information assurance requirements. Parraid reviewed the operational requirements; conducted research and development to identify candidate equipment components and material items; generated engineering schematics, diagrams, and models; developed and delivered detailed SL-3 and SL-4 drawings for each suite; applied Human Systems Integration (HSI) principles during production and integration; developed an integrated master plan for the MEF and MEU suites; developed detailed and comprehensive test plans and procedures; conducted testing, captured and submitted the test results to the Government; conducted life-cycle and sustainability analysis to identify and mitigate obsolescence and supportability issues; assisted in the development of the configuration management plan; and documented the configuration baseline during the physical configuration audit.​