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 IMUX G2 Recorder/Reproducer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The IMUX G2 is an industry leading IRIG 106 Chapter 10 compliant data recorder and reproducer.  The system can be configured as a rack mount or portable unit. ​



    IMUX G2TM – Data Recorder/Reproducer

    The Next Generation of High-Speed Chapter 10 Recording Systems



         ♦  16 gigabit data bus

         ♦  2 gigabit/sec throughput


         ♦  250 channels per system

         ♦  Local, RAID, NAS or SAN storage

         ♦  Multi-chassis capability


         ♦  Signal I/O for PCM, Video, Analog, 1553, ARINC, Ethernet, and others

         ♦  Stand-alone recorder to fully networked systems with remote capabilities

         ♦  Spreadsheet setup for PCM channels

         ♦  Save and recall individual channel setups

         ♦  Data quickviews

         ♦  Integrated bit synchronizers

         ♦  Integrated receivers

         ♦  Full decom system

         ♦  Custom data displays

         ♦  Best Data Engine (BDE)


         ♦  Dynamic channel allocation

         ♦  Simultaneous Playback and Record (SPAR)

         ♦  Remote or local control

         ♦  Event flags and individual channel start/stop controls

         ♦  "Strip and ship" data to remote locations

         ♦  Integrated Built-In-Test (BIT)

         ♦  Integrated Data Quality Metrics (DQM)

         ♦  Native GPS channel capability

         ♦  Integrated data processing and visualization

         ♦  Integrated data mining and data fusion

         ♦  Integrated data reformatting and product creation


         ♦  20+ years of development pedigree

         ♦  Thousands of systems deployed in challenging and mission-critical applications