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 OMEGA NExT Real Time Data Processing Software

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OMEGA NExT provides EU conversion, data distribution, real time display, and Chapter 10 compliant data recording and is one of the most powerful and easy to use telemetry data processing software ever produced. Developed over the past two years with the latest software development tools, OMEGA NExT provides unparalleled software stability and performance.


    OMEGA-NExT offers an unmatched blend of power, ease of use, flexibility, and affordability.

    OMEGA NExT Processing Software
    Building on a native 64-bit multi-threaded, service-oriented architecture, the intuitive user interface enables users to rapidly configure an unlimited range of combined, custom, and native processing configurations in minutes.

    Intuitive User Interface

    Based on a project-oriented design with secure Basic User operation, the NExT user interface steps you through the configuration of your system from beginning to end with simple, easy-to-use design.

    Multi-Threaded & Multi-Core

    Speed and scalability are fundamental to the design philosophy of NExT.  Able to use 64 or more cores to process data, NExT establishes new benchmarks for speed in the real-time and post-processing domains.  Imagine being able to process at data rates in excess of 100 million parameters per second.

    Service Oriented Architecture

    NExT is designed from its foundation to be a service oriented architecture solution to telemetry processing.  Leveraging IT infrastructure, it can easily be deployed and provisioned in virtualized environments across the extended enterprise.

    Parameter Organization

    NExT maintains programmable list-based support for parameter groupings. The Parameter Picker user interface provides easy access to the entire parameter database and supports editable organization of parameter lists for independent output, displays, data storage, etc.

    Comprehensive APIs

    The scalable licensing ranges from a foundational subset of processing and display capability to high-end professional programming support for complex processing. Extensive application programming interfaces with sample source code are provided for inputs and outputs of the processing engine as well as for external control and status monitoring of the NExT application itself.

    Native 64-Bit

    Built from the ground up as a Native 64-bit application, NExT is able to leverage tens of gigabytes of memory at rates unheard of with legacy systems. Moreover, challenging double-precision math is no longer an issue, making many complex derived parameters a thing of the past.

    Visual Processing

    NExT offers an incredible pallet of built-in drag and drop libraries for input format conversions, masking, bit concatenation, logic, math, trigonometry as well as the ability to include an unlimited array of user-defined functions.  And, every step of the data processing is visible and available to other parameters and displays.


    NExT can be scaled from a simple single-stream checkout system, to a full-blown mission control center, all using the same software.  Using soft license key technology, users can rapidly upgrade their systems simply by purchasing advanced features and enabling them via a new software key.​


    No longer is your telemetry infrastructure bound to point solutions.  If your test requires assets to be deployed over a wide geographical area, the OMEGA-NExT will deliver unprecedented capability to integrate and merge dispersed data sources in real-time and post mission.


    The focus data extraction utility of NExT provides high- speed network interface support for real-time and file data processing, programmable within the mission database. Any subset or all parameters may be programmed for fixed sample rate and/or data-driven (all processed samples) output for network client storage, display, and/or further processing.

    Integrated Clarity Display Software
    Using the latest vector display technology, Clarity delivers new levels of richness and depth.  Clarity Builder allows display designers to quickly define the ultimate user experience.  Clarity clients allow users to view their data and interact with their displays in real time or playback.

    There are no license installation restrictions on Clarity Display and Builder software; they may be installed on as many platforms as desired by the end user(s). Clarity Displays feature programmable sample-driven and data-driven support in the presentation of real-time and file playback data. Clarity Display clients may connect to any NExT server system for data presentation of any telemetry data source inputs. All Clarity Display clients feature programmable instant replay for immediate re-examination of displayed data, without requiring playback of front-end recorder file, before resuming real-time data monitoring.