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 Series 5000 and X-5000 Data Processors

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The X-5000 is a small dual stream data processor that can be rack mounted (1U) or portable 1.75 x 12 x 7 inches.  The X-5000 has its own embedded processor and Real Time Operating System (RTOS) which provides Ethernet communication for setup and data transfer to a host PC.  Multiple X-5000 systems can be synchronized together with an external 10 MHz clock and Ethernet hub in order to provide more PCM streams to the host computer for processing and display. ​



    Series-5000 / OMEGA-NExT

    High-Performance Real-Time and File Data Processing

    Intuitive   |   Net-Centric   |   Native 64-Bit   |   Multi-Threaded   |   Any Signal Type

    Native Chapter 10   |   Extensiv​e API Support   |   Secure Basic User Operation

    Native Custom Interfacing

    OMEGA-NExT Hardware Family

    OMEGA-NExT supports a wide range of telemetry signal platforms - from single-source to many-source inputs, legacy hardware to fifth generation Series-5000 systems, and standard Parraid-built platforms to third-party equipment data sources.


    Based on COTS Open Architecture, the Triple Bus Design Delivers Unprecedented Speed, Configurability, and Precision

    • Native Chapter 10

    • Up to 16Gbps Data Bus

    • 64-bit and 32-bit OS Support

    • 60 Mbps/Channel Bit Sync and Decom

    • Server and Stand-Alone Configurations

    • Extensive Native and Custom Parameter Processing

    • Native and Custom Network Client Support

    • Comprehensive API Interfaces

    • Leading-Edge Multi-Core CPUs

    • Portable and Rack-Mount


    • Integrated Chapter 10 Recording and Real-Time Processing

    • Integrated Data Reformattimg and Product Creation

    • Integrated RF Receiver/Combiners

    • Best Data Engine/Source Selection

    • Virtually Any Telemetry Signal

    • Scalable Channel Support


    • Dual Channel PCM Bit Sync/Decom

    • IRIG Time Support

    • Chapter 10 Ethernet Output

    • Low Power, Small Footprint (1U x 12" x 7")

    • Stand-Alone, Rack-Mountable, Distributable

    • Multi-Device Synchronization

    • Optional Local Output

       - Low Latency DACs

       - CVSD and Analog Voice

       - Embedded Video

       - Custom


    • Portable Battery-Powered Ground Station

    • 30 Mbps PCM Bit Sync and Decom

    • IRIG Time Input

    • Data-Clock I/O Decryptor Support

    • Time-Stamped Data USB 2.0 Output​